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japaneseSports Commission KANSAI realizes the concept "Sports + (Plus)", vitalize Kansai area in Japan through Sports.
Sports Commission KANSAI
  • つなぐチカラ。
  • つなぐ熱意。
  • つなぐ未来。
  • つなぐ笑顔。


About the contents of activity

* Hold "Inter College Competition"
* Support "Committee of the Kansai World Masters Games 2021"
* Take place many seminars related to sports & regional vitalization
* Collaborate with sports related Universities at KANSAI area.
* Support big sports events in KANSAI area.
* Support to set up Sports Commissions in KANSAI area.

Collaboration with a university and a student

~Organization outline~

*Stuffs of members, peoples and professors who have deep knowlages on Sports Business, Sporst Marketing and so on.
Commission Member
General Member ・Special Mmember

Supporting Member

Student Member

In cooperation with Kansai Univ., set up in Sakai campass of Kansai Univ..