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japaneseSports Commission KANSAI realizes the concept "Sports + (Plus)", vitalize Kansai area in Japan through Sports.
Sports Commission KANSAI
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The Object of "Sports +(plus)"


To vitalize KANSAI area, we are trying to vitalize each industry deeply related to KANSAI. These industries are such as "tourism industry", "food industry", "fashion industry" and so on.
Especially, through inviting very big sports event to KANSAI area, we believe that we can vitalize all industries related to sports, and make a contribution to those people living in KANSAI area. (Now, we are trying to invite "10th World Masters Games " with the Union of KANSAI Governments.)

~Activity Idea ~

Sports +(Plus)
2007©Kansai Keizai Doyukai

Sports related industries have
wide range of kinds,
and in Kansai area, there are the basements of those industries.
Therefore, the vitalization of those industries comes straight to
vitalizing Kansai econmy. So, sports is the engine for vitalizing Kansai.
Sport Commission KANSAI aims the realizaion of "Sports +(Plus)",
it act as catalyst for the coraboration in Kansai area.